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Seraph’s Christmas playlist

Ben Hodson, Creative Director

I like a spaceman came travelling by Chris de Burgh. It's not as well known or a famous classic like some, but it was on a Christmas mixtape from when I was younger. The nostalgia may have been there anywhere but we had a kitchen fire one Christmas and I discovered it, thankfully the damage wasn't too extreme, but it did melt the mix forever into the player. Weirdly the player still seemed to work well and until about June the following year we could either play the radio or this Christmas mix. I guess it was one of the songs that was less annoying and I think I must have burnt it into my memory.

Steven Dumbleton, Marketing Director

Unbelievably Greg Lake only had one hit in the UK as a solo artist making this song a one hit wonder. I Believe in Father Christmas is essentially a song about the loss of innocence and the lies we tell to children about the state of the world. Not exactly the merriest of topics, but there is a sense of optimism in the lyrics that if we embrace what Father Christmas symbolises, then the world could be a better place. Lake himself said that ​​”Christmas was a time of family warmth and love. There was a feeling of forgiveness, acceptance. And I do believe in Father Christmas.”

Katrin Ericsson, Designer

This traditional Swedish Lucia song is my favourite. One of the biggest celebrations with Christmas in Sweden is the 13th December when we celebrate Lucia, where a choir gets dressed up in white gowns, one girl wears candles on her head and the others hold one candle in their hand, and sings certain Lucia-songs. When I was growing up, I sang in a church choir so all of December has always included lots of these concerts, to participate in and to watch, and to me this is as Christmas as it gets.

Joe Hartropp, Account Executive

There are so many that I love but here's one that's stood out over the years. 'Do You Hear What I Hear?', in particular this rendition by Future of Forestry. I like that the whole song is framed as a question and invitation, painting sublime images that reflect the mystery of Christmastime. It feels appropriate to the relational and transcendent themes of the season. This song was written in 1962, as a plea for peace at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, I love that such beauty could emerge out of such terror, and it still feels timely since the threat of nuclear annihilation or general despair are apparently never far from us.

Josh Hodson, Developer

I will have to go with a Carol. This is my absolute all time favourite. Its minor key somehow captures the mystery and magic of Christmas, the "rejoice, rejoice" bringing a sense of triumphant celebration, and its melodies are infinitely singable to me.

Jeff Pullinger, Technical Director

I love Toby Mac's Christmas album for it's happy beat and relentless positivity. This track Lights of Christmas adds Owl City to the mix with a joyful tune about what Christmas is all about.