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If you have a purpose, customers are:

4 times more likely to purchase from you.

4.5 times more likely to recommend you to friends and family.

4.1 times more likely to trust you.

Customers want you to have a purpose.*

At Seraph, we believe that work isn’t just about money. It is about creating a better world.

Communicating your purpose authentically makes your brand more memorable, encourages action from customers, and makes your organisation a better place to work.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organisation is, effective growth starts with purpose.

Your core team

Seraph Team Jeff

Jeff Pullinger

Technical Director

Jeff started working on websites 20 years ago when all the websites in the world could be listed in a book. In 2004, he started Existence Ltd (one of the two companies that merged to form Seraph in 2018) while touring with a band in Scotland.

He enjoys his time split between managing the team, strategic meetings with clients, dreaming up innovative solutions and coding tools, sites and web apps.

Seraph Team Ben

Ben Hodson

Creative Director

An artist, designer, producer, lecturer and entrepreneur Ben has been integral to several creative and business start-up projects in the UK and internationally. His work has earned creative awards, credits with Fortune 100 companies, and has been displayed around the world including the UN headquarters in New York.

Ben lives in the mountains and leads the french studio, spending his spare time snowboarding and skateboarding.

Seraph team Joe H 2

Joseph Hartropp

Account Manager

Joe is a writer and creative communicator. He loves wrestling with ideas and he loves people even more – getting to know them and helping them flourish. With an academic background in theology and the arts he enjoys thinking about beauty, faith, and the power of story. Joe worked in journalism before moving into copywriting, charity comms, product innovation and website management.

In his spare time he loves cycling, photography, song-writing and treading the boards with some musical theatre.

Seraph kat 3 2

Katrin Ericsson


Kat is a designer fascinated by people and understanding them to create a good user experience. She loves communicating a story through visually appealing and engaging design.
Kat is originally from Sweden but is based in the French studio and loves to be outdoors running and exploring on a bike or skis.

Edit josh asset

Josh Hodson


With a background in film and TV production, Josh has brought a wide range of skills to our development team. Josh’s dedication to the power of visual storytelling brings a unique and creative viewpoint to a normally technical discipline. His heart is to show people why your brand is worth engaging with from the moment they open your page.

Josh lives with his family in Stockholm, Sweden and spends his spare time building PCs, playing music, and knowing more about Star Trek than any one human should.

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Changing the World

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Seraph Brands

We help you make a difference through measurable creative growth strategies.

We bridge the gap between a growth-driven marketing consultancy, a technology-driven digital agency, and a creative-driven design studio.

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Seraph Charities

We work with charities to increase impact, maximise fundraising opportunities, and transform efficiency through digital technology.

From one-off campaigns to full support. Everything we do makes a difference.

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Seraph Start-ups

Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit with Seraph's start-up packages. We're your co-pilots on this exhilarating journey, transforming your vision into a thriving reality. We understand that the path of an entrepreneur is as unique as your fingerprint, which is why our coaching is tailored to your individual needs.

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Seraph Business Coaching

We fine-tune your strategy, sharpen your leadership skills, and amplify your business's potential. Our coaching isn't just about advice; it's about action, accountability, and tailored support that adapts as you grow. Our coaching relationship is a dynamic dialogue, where your business narrative is heard and honed. We're here to help you dissect complex challenges, celebrate victories, and, most importantly, sustain momentum.

World Changers