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Cookie-less marketing and Privacy by design

You may have reached this page because you clicked on our anti-cookie popup. You may just be interested in how to work without cookies.

The case for going cookie-less

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room. Cookie-less does not mean no cookies. It means less cookies.

Cookies are still an essential part of many websites and it would be incredibly hard to disconnect from them entirely.

A cookie is a packet of information passed to your browser by a website when you visit. In its most essential form, a cookie can remember what is in your shopping basket when you go through to checkout, or it could remember what language you have selected to view content in.

At their most unessential, cookies collect information about your shopping and browsing habits, they attempt to identify who you are, and they are used to sell your information to advertisers.

Then there’s everything in between, such as website analytics and remembering who you are when you go back to a website.

Customers hate cookies

The most obvious reason to use less cookies is this. Customers hate cookies.

We often accept things online that we wouldn’t in the real world. Imagine a shopkeeper being able to peek into all of your shopping bags from all of your shopping from the last few years. You probably wouldn’t accept this.

Customers are savvy. Privacy is at the forefront of your customers mind. Now that they have the option to not accept cookies, many are choosing to click no.

Cookies are dying

Many browsers have offered incognito or private browsing for years. This automatically blocks all but essential cookies. Gradually, this technology is being rolled out to all browsers, not just incognito and private. The biggest example of this is Iphone and Chrome blocking all third party cookies by default.

The cookie's days are numbered. You need to get ahead of the curve.

Cookies provide small businesses with too much poor data.

With so many users not accepting cookies, the data being passed back from them is poor and incomplete. This is data still being relied on to make decisions. As we all know, decisions made on poor data are poor decisions.

Privacy by design is the right thing to do

At Seraph, we believe in giving the customer what they want as well as what they need. Why invade your customers privacy when you don’t need to?

There are many tools that are designed with privacy in mind to gain analytics insight on your website and there are a large number of networks that offer a privacy first approach to advertising.

Marketers have been lazy. The abuse of cookies has been a consequence of this laziness. We can help you create a toolkit built on a privacy by design principle.

How to go cookie-less

There are many options for going cookie-less. All of the good options involve a highly individualised approach. There is no one size fits all option. If you work with an agency like Seraph, we can help you on the journey to a more privacy focussed world.