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Unlock your full potential with Seraph start up packages and ongoing coaching —your one-stop solution for launching and scaling your business, enterprise, or charity.

Your dream doesn't have to wait

We get it; launching a business can feel like a maze. You start with a vision, but before you know it, days have morphed into months, or even years. Why? The reality is, starting a business involves juggling multiple facets—from design, operations and tech to marketing—and it can be downright overwhelming, especially if you're navigating it alone.

Tailored to your needs

Whether you're seeking minimal support to kickstart your journey or require a comprehensive package complete with a complex e-commerce site, we've got you covered. Our three-tiered start-up packages—The Spark, The Pathfinder, and The Guide—are designed to offer clarity and flexibility. Know exactly what you're investing in, and what's included. These are then followed by three tier clear on going business coaching packages; The Pilot, The Launchpad, and The Strategist.

Who is it for?

  • People who want to go from their idea to reality
  • Early-stage business and non-profit founders
  • First-time and serial entrepreneurs
  • Founders who want to turbocharge their growth
  • Freelancers, small, and micro business owners wanting to scale

"They'll stand by you, equip you with the necessary tools, and are genuinely invested in your success. They are committed to helping you experience a significant breakthrough in your business."

- Jousé Studer, Founder - The Good Studio

What our clients say


Drawing upon our insights, we’ve curated a set of outputs meticulously tailored to align with your unique business objectives and creative vision. Here are the key areas we’ll help you master:

Benhodson Jeunes Entrepreneuers 8


Shaping, the look feel and experience of your company

Name development and ideation / Logo and initial branding elements / Brand style guide / Mood/vision boards

Globalinfluencers firstday 6


Who you are and what you stand for

Purpose statement / Value Proposition / Mission statement / Vision statement / Core values / Customer Promise

Globalinfluencers thirdday 12


Business plan, financials monitoring

KPI’s & business dashboard / Business model and financial forecast models / Cash flow projections / Revenue Product pricing structure / Market Research Summary /

Globalinfluencers benhodson 10


Sales, operations & marketing plans

Sales funnel / Operations plan / HR & professional development plan

Target personas / One-page marketing plan / Competitor analysis

Globalinfluencers fourthday 21


Website & technology

Initial website including initial content / Domain registration and email setup / Brand story & initial marketing copy / Technology stack consultancy / Tech integration / Social media / Digital marketing SEO strategy / User experience Design Consultation

Globalinfluencers secondday 24


Getting going and next steps

Post Launch review plan / Legal framework / due diligence / Requirements / Data / Accounting / Licences / Trademark / Crisis Management Plan

The guides

You could venture into the business world solo, learning through months of trial and error. Or, you could fast-track your success with Seraph, your experienced guide to launching your business in as little as 14 days.

Here are our main guides;

Benhodson startup

Ben Hodson

Business coach

When Ben finally writes a book it would undoubtedly chronicle the riveting journey through 27 entrepreneurial ventures—tales of business success and invaluable failures alike. It's these very setbacks that have been his greatest teachers, fueling his relentless drive to combat societal hopelessness through the pillars of creativity, community, and commerce.

A luminary in the realm of design thinking, visual art, and simple business principles. With a business acumen honed from the tender age of 16, and in his ongoing business roles in both the UK and France. Ben embodies the spirit of innovation and agility that we champion here.

His contributions to business and community have garnered him accolades such as the Future 100 award, and recognition from Ernst & Young for entrepreneurs who make a positive impact on people, planet, and profit. His creative prowess has earned him the privilege of working with Fortune 100 companies and having his creative work showcased globally, including at the UN headquarters in New York.

While Ben is deeply committed to his work, he also values a balanced life. Leading our French studio, he knows the importance of taking time to recharge. Whether it's snowboarding in the nearby mountains or riding bikes and skateboards, Ben understands that a balanced life contributes to professional success. His approach aligns with our belief in offering start-up packages that provide both freedom and flexibility to early-stage founders and business owners.

Seraph Meet Up 8

Jeff Pullinger

Start up mentor

Jeff has a knack for helping businesses get off the ground and scale. Over the years, he's been involved in a variety of projects, from launching numerous companies, UK charities to running co-working spaces and even contributing to the start of a political party.

Jeff's interest in technology has been since 1998, a time when websites were far less common than they are today. While he enjoys working on the technical side of things, his role at Seraph is diverse, involving team management, client meetings, and problem-solving.

Jeff values a balanced approach to work, splitting his time between managing the team and engaging in strategic discussions with clients. He also enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to make technology work more efficiently, a skill that comes in handy for our start-up packages.

In his downtime, Jeff likes to think about innovative solutions, reflecting his belief in maintaining a balanced life. His approach to work aligns well with our aim to offer start-up packages that are both flexible and effective for early-stage founders and business owners.

Our wider team also supports you and your launch.

Our team
is uniquely positioned to support your start-up journey, combining the best of growth-focused marketing consultancy, technology expertise, and creative design. We understand that launching a business requires a multifaceted approach, and that's exactly what we offer.

From crafting data-driven marketing strategies that yield measurable results to implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, and developing compelling brand designs, our team collaborates to ensure your start-up package is tailored to your specific needs. We're committed to helping you make a meaningful impact right from the start.

Your path to business success, simplified in 3 steps

Step 1:

Select Your Ideal Start-Up Package

Browse through our carefully designed start-up packages and choose the one that fits your business needs. Make your payment securely on our website to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Step 2:

Schedule Your Discovery Call

Once your payment is confirmed, you'll receive an invitation to book your initial discovery call. During this call, our expert coaches will understand your vision and tailor a plan that aligns with your goals.

Step 3:

Launch or Scale Your Business

Armed with insights and customised plans, we'll work closely with you to either launch your new business or scale your existing one—all within a timeframe that suits you.

Start-up packages

Embark on a journey tailored to your business needs, each offering a unique blend of support and expertise to propel you towards your goals.

the spark


+ vat

2 weeks

Your launchpad to entrepreneurial success, offering a cost-effective and streamlined package to kickstart your business and sustain it on your own terms.


Discovery meeting


Development workshop


Presentation & feedback workshop


Handover workshop


Frameworks, templates & working files

the path finder


+ vat

4 weeks

Your roadmap to long-term success, offering a deeper level of support that goes beyond launch to ensure your business thrives.


Discovery meeting


Development workshops


Presentation & feedback workshop


Handover workshop


Frameworks, templates & working files


Research, development & work time

the guide


+ vat

8 weeks

Our fullest support service: A high-level launch and long-term investment designed for larger or more complex projects and continual iteration and innovation.


Discovery meetings


Development workshops


Presentation & feedback workshops


Handover workshop


Frameworks, templates & working files


Research, development & work time


Technology & automation set-up time




Experience a transformative leap in your venture with our premium bespoke package. Ideal for complex projects, advanced business models, and world-changing NGOs. It serves as your ultimate catalyst for immediate impact and innovation.


Embark on a transformative journey with our tailored coaching and support services, designed to nurture your business at every stage—from initial growth spurts to complex, world-changing initiatives.

the pilot



Per month, minimum 3 months

1hr a month of 1 on 1 business coaching

Website Hosting (if applicable)

Quarterly Performance Reports

Email Support

The Launchpad



Per month, minimum 3 months

2hrs a month of 1 on 1 business coaching

Website Hosting (if applicable)

Quarterly Performance Reports

Email Support

Messaging Support(WhatsApp / Telegram / Signal / SMS)

The Strategist



Per month, minimum 3 months

4hrs a month of 1 on 1 business coaching including marketing & technology support

Website Hosting (if applicable)

Benchmarking / KPI performance

Crisis Management Planning

Priority Email Support

Priority messaging Support



Per month, minimum TBC

Your business isn’t just growing; it’s transforming. Our top-tier, bespoke package is the ultimate catalyst for complex projects, advanced business models and world changing NGO’s.

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What we do

  • Collaborate with you to quickly and effectively help you launch or scale your business or NGO

  • Branding, positioning and design work

  • Market research expertise and assistance

  • Financial planning, budgeting guidance and signposting

  • Branding and marketing strategy development

  • Technology consultation and strategy

  • Build website landing pages, initial sales funnels and link tools

  • Customer retention and loyalty program development

  • Provide great frameworks, tested templates, and help with initial ideas to test in the market

  • Use our network to bring in industry expertise

  • Provide great resources, training and reading lists

  • Mentoring, coaching and providing you with a sounding board

  • Introduce you to entrepreneurs at a similar stage

  • We have your back, we support you to help you realise your goals

What we don't do

  • Official legal, financial or tax advice
    We can refer and signpost you to trusted legal and tax advisors
  • The actual registration of the entity or as a sole trader
    We can refer and signpost you to trusted registration platforms and advisors
  • Register insurance or do any licencing
    We can refer you to trusted insurance and licensing providers
  • We don’t make official introductions to investors
    We can provide guidance on how and where to approach potential investors

Proven methodologies for proven success

The market is unpredictable, but why leave your success to chance? Our starter packages are designed to refine your ideas quickly, test concepts, and identify both challenges and opportunities. We leverage design thinking, lean business start-up theory, and a plethora of industry-tested frameworks to turbocharge your journey. Using tools, methodologies and frameworks such as;

Benhodson Jeunes Entrepreneuers 29

Lean principles

A methodology focused on minimising waste and maximising value.

Globalinfluencers thirdday 11

Strengths & purpose

Tools for identifying business, individual and team strengths and direction.

Globalinfluencers thirdday 16

Business model canvases

Visual frameworks for rapidly developing business models and plans.

Globalinfluencers thirdday 13

Design thinking

A methodology that prioritises user needs and rapid prototyping.

Globalinfluencers benhodson 3

Goal-setting frameworks

A system for setting and tracking objectives and key results.

Globalinfluencers benhodson 9

Process improvement

A set of techniques for improving operational processes.

Globalinfluencers thirdday 17

Performance indicator

A balanced approach to measuring both financial and non-financial performance.

Globalinfluencers fifthday 35

Market positioning

A strategy focused on creating uncontested market space.

Globalinfluencers fourthday 19

Simplified marketing plan

A one-page framework for marketing strategy.

Globalinfluencers fourthday 20

Team & strategy canvases

Visual tools for team alignment and strategy development.

Globalinfluencers sixthday 15

Customer needs framework

A strategy focused on creating uncontested market space.

Globalinfluencers thirdday 7

Narrative based branding

A framework for building your brand's story and how to communicate it.

Bespoke solutions? Let's talk

If our packages don't quite fit your unique needs, let's have a conversation to tailor a quote that's just right for you. Both for the initial packages and ongoing coaching.

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Bespoke clients