The Independent Group

For the launch of The Independent Group, a full fund raising and PR strategy was needed including branding, messaging, data analysis, social media management, film and photography and of course website with digital integrations. Seraph worked with Change UK to develop a fundraising and campaign strategy that was clear and effective, allowing for clear calls to action that translated to building a following and raising interest. We have since collected tens of thousands of sign ups through the clear sign up landing pages.

Within the first week of the new launch the project had collected over 200k followers on Twitter and as it stands, has resulted in a social media reach of 2.5 billion. We have also managed all the data from sign ups and donations throughout the process. Since going live, the site has gone on to receive hundreds of thousands of visitors in just a couple of weeks. With a staggering 160,000 users visiting the site on the launch day and creating over half a million page views in just the single day. The site has gone onto engage hundreds of volunteers and raise over £1 million in donations.