St Albans Striders

Functional community management services for a local running club

St Albans Striders needed an online hub for managing their membership and activities. Seraph delivered an integrated website, membership database, forum and ecommerce facility.

When we first met with them, the St Albans Striders’ website contained all the information they needed but their CMS meant that only the site administrators could access the systems and data, making lots of work for them and frustrating delays in processes for other team members. Seraph worked with them to move to a more accessible CMS, enabling volunteers to access and update information relating to their areas of the project and any group member to manage their own online profile.

We loved working with the Striders. We knew that their committee were a group of dedicated individuals who gave their time to this because they love running and helping others run. As volunteers they only meet once a month so the Seraph team took time to guide them through the processes involved with creating a new website, getting involved in a hands-on way from beginning to end. The project took longer than creating a corporate website might’ve done but we were able to take the Striders committee on the journey and help them stay involved at every stage, with a great website at the end of it.

Seraph created a site for the St Albans Striders with an integrated members database. This allows members to register and sign in to the site and pay their membership fees via paypal. Each member has an editable profile, enabling them to keep their details up to date. Membership allows runners access to a race booking calendar which lists both free and paid races, an online shop where they can purchase team kit, member news both online and via an email newsletter, and a members forum through which they can (and do!) organise their own runs and races.

We also added a number of custom features to the site based on the needs of the group. The home page displays a countdown to the next race, with links to details for runners or potential runners. Internally, we have reduced the administrative requirements for the committee by making race data available by one-click download for those who need it.