Growing Luton Together

To support and measure the success of the Luton Investment Framework and ensure our local community benefits.

For Luton's inclusive growth report, a successful geographically focussed campaign was delivered.

Focusing on what Luton resident’s opinions were on the growth of their town, we helped to grow the identity of the commission, producing not only branding with a logo and colour scheme, but also designs for the website complete with the necessary forms for the public consultations, and all print advertising for flyers, pop-up banners and forms. After the launch of the campaign, we went on to help grow their social presence, appealing to Lutonians to take part in the consultation. Apart of our social media management of their Twitter and Facebook accounts, we set up posts in advance, ensuring the right amount of posts were going out every day, at the optimal times for maximum reach of their target audience. This resulted in directing nearly half of all users (44.6%) reported to their website.


After the commission was completed, we designed a report that detailed the results of the campaign. This report was delivered in a tight turnaround, needing to match the commission’s quick deadline. Incorporating their copy, plenty of our original images of Luton to accompany the various topics, and icons to accompany infographics of the results from the consultations.