College of Paramedics

An integrated membership database and fee payment system

The College of Paramedics needed an integrated system to manage their membership and services. Seraph created a database and payment system that has led to a tenfold increase in their monthly income over 8 years.

When the College of Paramedics first came to us as a new client in 2010, their membership database was chaotic and disorganised. Taking payments via cheques, standing orders and paypal, their annual income was £12,000.

Seraph worked with the College to develop a database fully integrated into their website, creating an online membership system to manage user data. Members are now able to access their own profiles to make sure their details are fully up to date. We also introduced a two-tier membership to distinguish professional members from students, with a built-in tracking programme to offer upgrades to professional membership once students graduate. Once the database was installed, Seraph managed the transfer of the existing membership into the new system.


Seraph also recommended that the College move to a digital direct debit system for membership payments, using technology so new that it was only offered by one bank at the time. Using digital direct debit has simplified the payment processes for the College, giving a more consistent method of collecting membership fees.
Since moving to these new systems, the College of Paramedics have seen a significant increase in membership, now taking £110,000 per month in fees.
Seraph have worked with the College of Paramedics to increase the capacity of the new website, adding a store feature for product sales, currently generating up to £10,000pa for the organisation. We have developed online ticketing systems for their training events and added more in-depth CRM to the database to improve communication with members.

  • Increased membership income from £12k to £1.3m in eight years
  • Efficient member data handling resulting in better services for our client and their members
  • eCommerce services generating income for the client