Caraline had a registered domain but their website was dated and they couldn’t access it to bring it up to date.

Seraph delivered a full rebrand for the charity, including an editable website and online client support services.

Luton-based charity, Caraline have been supporting people struggling with eating disorders since 2014. When they came to Seraph, their website contained out of date information but was inaccessible to the Caraline staff. We worked with them to completely rebrand the charity, delivering a fresh, new site with custom illustrations to help communicate the work they do while maintaining the dignity of their clients.

We built the website in Craft CMS, giving Caraline’s staff an intuitive and accessible system for keeping their site up to date. Seraph’s team guided Caraline through the transfer process with full training and support for using Craft. Within the first year of lauching the new site, Caraline had received so many enquiries about their services that they had to expand their team to meet the demand.

Following the initial launch, Seraph continued to work with Caraline to create an online client support service. This client-therapist portal now forms the base of all of Caraline’s work, from triage and assessment to the management, delivery and recording of therapy. The triage pipeline guides therapists through the intricate system of assessing a client’s immediate and ongoing needs, ensuring the triage process is thorough and consistent. The messaging system allows clients to book and rearrange appointments and therapists keep client notes and records online, alongside detailed communication records.

Through the portal, therapists can send clients diagnostic questionnaires to be completed online as part of ongoing assessment procedures. The results of these are stored on the client’s profile along with other records. The portal also includes a letter template system, allowing therapists to generate consistent referral and reporting letters for clients, keeping a record of any which have been generated and sent to minimise fraud. Seraph have also supported Caraline in adopting Adobe Connect as a method of delivering therapy online for clients who are unable to come to a centre for treatment.

As well as managing services for Caraline and their clients, the system also offers in-depth reporting and tracking for the charity, giving them regular statistics on the number of active clients, outcomes and delivery, the length of support given and reasons for moving on, and the numbers of missed or dropped appointments.

  • Rebranded website which Caraline staff are able to update
  • Bespoke artwork to illustrate the site
  • Detailed digitisation of Caraline’s services and record keeping