BrightBox Group

A leading provider of technology and consulting services


BrightBox Group is a leading provider of technology and consulting services. Bringing consulting, recruiting, delivery, startup, software and technology together.

Headquartered in Manchester, BrightBox successfully services clients across the UK and Europe, from scale-up to multinationals and government agencies.

BrightBox needed to increase their awareness and content campaign has been launched. Alongside this a new website to be the centre of their marketing activity and analytics.

“BrightBox has recently gone through some exciting changes, including fast growth to our managed delivery services. Seraph has helped us throughout this transition, working closely with us to build a website that connects better into our analytics, CRM systems and gives us visibility which aids in the sales and business development processes. It’s been great working with them, they really took to the time to understand who we are and integrated closely into our team. Through sustained content campaigns, SEO work, and websites updates they have increased both our sites visits and size of our social community by over 200%.”

Stuart Houghton
CEO, BrightBox Group