21 21 Workshop & Process

Get absolute clarity and forward momentum

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21 21 is a new innovation workshop and process looking to optimise on opportunities, elevate potential and overcome problems.

Imagine injecting the ideas, passion and energy from the start up world into your corporate environment. Then imagine doing this in beautiful Switzerland surrounded by experts relevant to your field. With 21 21 the start up and the corporate worlds collide. The team at 21 21 have a track record of bringing the best of these two worlds together to drive real change.

We are impressed. Not just because of our own passion for start ups, design thinking and problem solving. In actually having watched them at work, we were blown away but how effective their workshop and process is. Connect with the team at 21 21, especially If your organisation needs a jump start or a completely new injection of creative energy - one that sees it through to implementation and results. We are proud to be building platforms that help engage people with who they are.