Our agency owes its success to our incredible team.

Their skills, close relationships, and synergy are the driving force behind what we do. Values unite us, passion motivates us and normally coffee or cake brings us together. The team is made up of a wide range of profiles, experiences, and specialties that ignites every project we take on.

Seraph Jeffpullinger

Jeff Pullinger

Technical Director

Jeff started working on websites 20 years ago when all the websites in the world could be listed in a book. In 2004, he started Existence Ltd (one of the two companies that merged to form Seraph in 2018) while touring with a band in Scotland.

He enjoys his time split between managing the team, strategic meetings with clients, dreaming up innovative solutions and coding tools, sites and web apps.

Seraph Benhodson

Ben Hodson

Creative Director

An artist, designer, producer, lecturer and entrepreneur Ben has been integral to several creative and business start-up projects in the UK and internationally. His work has earned creative awards, credits with Fortune 100 companies, and has been displayed around the world including the UN headquarters in New York.

Ben lives in the mountains and leads the french studio, spending his spare time snowboarding and skateboarding.

Seraph Johnwhittaker

John Whittaker

Commercial Director

John is an entrepreneur. Since graduating from Cambridge with a degree in economics in 2005 he has worked as a management consultant in the City of London and for the government leading data science driven organisational transformation. When he isn’t being all professional John hides under the duvet from his kids.

Seraph team 3 1

Jareth Bower


Jareth is a programmer. Programmers make the world go round. He helps us make the wonderful technology and websites we deliver to clients. Great problem solving skills and will always find the right GIF for the occasion.

Jareth has a talent for content creation through photography, film making and sound engineering.

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Elliot Tomkins

Studio Manager

With extensive experience in film and photography production, Elliot comes from a background of producing cinema adverts and promotional films.

Whilst being a producer, Elliot will more than likely be your main point of contact for your project - guiding you through the extensive processes and logistics that come with any creative endeavour. Elliot's previously worked with the EU Commission, NHS, WD-40, Houses of Parliament and Coca-Cola - to name a few.

Seraph team 1 4

Riaz Ahmed

Creative Producer

As creative producer, Riaz both manages projects and helps create the content for them. As a producer, project manager, photographer, director of photography and camera operator.

Riaz is often using his DIY skills to rig up a light, audio or building whole sets as a gaffer and key grip.

Seraph Team 1 1

Thibaut Blais

Photographer & producer

Thibaut is a visionary photographer, producer, and camera operator. He is particularly great at capturing lifestyle, action sports, nature and the mountains he is surrounded by.

Thibaut spends his spare time as a trail runner, ski tourer, climber, mountaineer and ice wall climber.

Seraph Team 3

Martine Verwoerd

Freelance Designer

Martine has an exceptional ability to craft brands, visual content, brochures, print campaigns, digital interfaces and everything in between. She has a broad range of skills but particularly loves working with colour, typography and design systems.

She loves interior design, visiting exhibitions and design festivals.

Seraph Team 2 1

Nicolas Petit

Freelance Client Manager

Nicolas is great at managing projects, working closely with clients in a number of languages. His commercial and management skills are complemented by his creative idea and concept generation abilities.

He’s an outdoor man, he likes to get lost in the wilderness in his old VW van with his 2 Newfoundland dogs.

Seraph Dylan

Dylan Filliaert

Editor & Film maker

When you craft a film you make it three times. The final time is in the edit, this is often where Dylan comes in. His story crafting skills, attention to detail and creative approach helps to bring the best out of our work.

Dylan is a professional drone pilot and steady-cam operator and is often on our sets operating cameras of various sizes. He enjoys exploring the mountains around where he lives.

Seraph Sabine

Sabine Troisvallets

Designer & Illustrator

Sabine is a graphic designer and illustrator specialised in editorial design and visual identity creation. She has a great ability to create stunning tailor-made and original projects for our clients.

Based in the mountains in the stunning French Alps, she loves to draw inspiration from her surroundings.