A new type of business

Seraph is a new company born from a merger of A Thin Place, an international creative consultancy, lead by Ben Hodson and Existence Ltd, a Luton based digital agency lead by Jeff Pullinger and John Whittaker.

Being based in Luton for most of their history, A Thin Place and Existence Ltd have worked closely together for 8 years, each bringing their strengths to important projects both local and international. Over recent years, the complementarity between these companies led to a logical, and exciting, next merger to birth Seraph Agency Ltd.

Seraph's directors bring over a decade of high-quality work and have a proven track record in working alongside brands, companies, and charities of all sizes.

Mixing the creative insights of A Thin Place and the digital expertise of Existence Ltd with John's insight and experience means that the merger comes with new and exciting possibilities in offering our clients a full service to help them increase their impact.


Why Seraph?

In the mythology of Abrahamic Faiths, the Seraph is an angel, one of the highest attendants to God. We feel that, at our best, our work is about being an attendant to greater things.

We love working with world-changers and want to partner with people making a difference. We want to be about amplifying and magnifying the brilliant things you do through our expertise in strategy, creativity and technology.