We are always looking to collaborate and partner with fellow techies and creatives. We'd especially love to hear from you if you fit either of the descriptions below.

Front end developer /
UI Designer

Do you push pixels around as much as HTML and CSS? We help world changers increase their impact and we are looking for a talented person who straddles the worlds of front-end development and user interface design. A pro in Adobe CS, CSS, HTML would be expected, some insights into user experience design, design prototyping, tailwind, CSS, javascript and Craftcms would be a bonus. Contact us showing us what you can do.

Filmmakers / Photographers

Due to the highly collaborative nature and job-specific nature of visual story-telling, we are always looking to connect with high-quality filmmakers & photographers. Specifically, we regularly look to collaborate with art directors, lighting camera people, Steadicam operators, commercial & editorial photographers, DOP’s, AD’s, screenwriters & script supervisors, camera operators, editors, colour graders, sound production, composers, key grips, gaffers, make-up, costume & set designers and performers of all types. Contact us showing us what you can do.